Sunday, March 20, 2016

GAM Con + New Website!

I only made a $10 profit, and didn't sell any of my new pieces... But I still feel like it was a huge success.

And I'll tell you why. But, in order to do so I need to tell you a bit of a story...

The story is basically that I am lazy and overwhelmed with our new substitute teaching jobs, so I didn't plan on making anything new for this Con. I was just going to print a bunch (and I mean a BUNCH) of Pokemon prints and call it good. But then, on Thursday when I was at the Ink Spot getting everything printed, I realized the budget I had in mind for this Con could not keep up with the amount of prints I wanted. I had to change my strategy... I had to get more product.

So Thursday night, I call and cancel my subbing job for the next day, and stayed up for 6 hours  and then 4 hours the next day, painting some new pictures (what I call, Pokevationals)

Now, you may be wondering, "You canceled a job where you could make real money? To go to a convention where you might not make any money?" Well.. I thought this as well. But I realized something...

This life is about priorities, and the time you spend in those priorities. It may sound strange... but I truly believe I was created to share my art with others. My hope is that my artwork can touch peoples lives, and even inspire them. I truly want that...

And if that means pulling an all-nighter once in a while for a chance to spread my work farther... then it's worth it!

So fast forward, the prints at my booth now consist of Kiki's Delivery Service, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Stickers, and Pokevational Posters. I'm super proud of myself for pulling these together at such a last minute-- I know I should have done it sooner and that would have probably been better for my psyche in the long run. And next time I know what I should do in order to do better. But regardless, I am proud of myself!

And it was so rewarding being there at the Con-- surrounded by so many fellow nerds and happy people to just be playing games. I admit, I was getting pretty discouraged as people walked by, browsing my stuff, smiling politely then walking away. (Or worse, just walk away with no noticeable contact at all. I always assume the worst when that type of stuff happens.) BUT!! I realized that the economy I'm in right now is so fragile and low, that people probably just don't have money to spend at these types of things. And once I realized that, I saw thee people in a different light (and I think I started to act more friendly towards people too...) and they started to open up about what they thought about my work.

What they said really moved me. It made me happy to decide to take a chance and sell my artwork at the GAM Con. So many people who liked my work, took my card, complimented me and hang out almost the entire time just watching me draw and wanting to just learn more about what I do. I even talked with another vendor about getting together and helping with her Youtube Channel!

So... the short version of this story is I'm so glad to have come. Even though I didn't make a huge "profit", I still feel like I got real feedback from people, and it was so gratifying to know that my work is actually liked, and it's worth buying.

Thank you all. Just... Thank you. ;-;

Also, I do have a new website in the works. I don't have all my comics up yet, but there's enough there for you to browse and get a feel for my stuff. Including a better to follow "Commission" page! So please check it out if you saw me at the Con, and wanted to look into hiring me. I can do pictures as cheap at $10 :)


  1. It made me feel good about myself when I read this knowing I made a difference in buying the meganium piece

    1. You really did! I remember you too. Your reaction to my art was something I'll never forget. You're awesome! :)